BMW Performance Driving School

Just as the best drivers deserve the Ultimate Driving Machine®, the Ultimate Driving Machine® deserves the best drivers. When you put both together you have the Ultimate Driving Experience and Performance.

BMW is proud to operate its Performance Driving School in South Carolina's Greenville-Spartanburg area. Explore the various Performance Driving School Programs through BMW.

 Driver's Program
 Teen School
 M School
In a fraction of a second, the Ultimate Driver can process road conditions and minimize the risk of an accident. Learn how to spot these situations under the watchful eyes of a professional driver.In a controlled environment, and under the supervision of BMW-certified instructors, students will experience a wide range of conditions for safely maneuvering real-world scenarios.Hone in on quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. With more horsepower and a sharper chassis, you need to be at the top of your game. We'll make sure you get there.These classes are about control, finesse, and a focus on proper technique-not just wicking the throttle. The result: minimal time in the classroom and maximum time on the course.