5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car


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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car (In Meridian)

Usually the goal in buying a used car is to save money. Families on budgets, new drivers looking for their first car, or someone needing to supplement the car they already have are perfect examples of when buying used is a huge advantage over buying new.

What other ways can buying a used car in Meridian at BMW of Meridian provide an advantage to your life and your bottom line? Here are five reasons buying a used car can be more beneficial than buying new.

  1. Minimized - or Less - Depreciation: Common wisdom dictates new cars typically depreciate roughly 20% when they are driven off the lot, and a further 10% in value during the first year. So if you buy a $30,000 car, that vehicle will be worth $9,000 less in just one year. When you buy a used car, you avoid that hit right off the bat. Also, if you go to re-sell it later, your loss in equity will be cut down to almost nothing.                                            
  2. Reduced Fees: Additional or increased sales fees, registration fees, and taxes almost always apply to brand-new vehicles purchased from a lot. Buying a used car allows you to avoid some of these fees altogether, or at least pay them at a significantly reduced price. You also can usually avoid random dealer fees such as shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer prep fees that seem to stack on top of a new vehicle's MSRP you see on the window   
  3. Condition: Modern vehicles are lasting years and miles longer than ever before. So even when buying a used one, odds are it has many years left to go before it might need replacing. Also, many certified pre-owned cars come with dealer or manufacturer warranties that are just as good as the ones that come with brand new cars fresh of the assembly line. 
  4. Choice: When buying a used car, there's a much wider selection of inventory to choose from. You're not limited to models or trims just released over the past year or two. There's also the advantage of having access to models, option packages, or other designs that are no longer manufactured.  
  5. Insurance Rates: Older cars cost less to insure. As with financing the car itself, insurance rates are affected by the age of a car as there's less value inherent in the vehicle to insure. 

Meridian Used BMW Dealer

When it comes to getting that used or CPO BMW you've been researching, we know you have plenty of options. From the other used car dealerships in Meridian to private sellers, finding the right dealer or seller for the car you want to get can be a long, and thoughtful, process.

We know that all that thought you put into determining when and where to buy that used car is important. Asking the right questions matter, questions such as does the car fit your budget? Can you trust the seller? Can you trust that the vehicle won't break down a mile down the road? Are you getting the best price possible? These are questions we always encourage our buyers to ask.

If you want more information on why choosing BMW of Meridian as the used car dealer in Meridian for your next purchase, stop by and visit us today. Our staff is always on hand to answer questions and provide all the peace of mind you need.